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When is Revel Surf going to open?

Revel Surf is currently in construction and now going vertical. We are anticipating a soft opening in the Spring of 2024 with a goal to get you all surfing next Summer. We can’t wait to surf with you all in the desert!

Will Revel Surf be open year-round?

Yes, Revel Surf will be open for surfing year-round! Look forward to various beach activities as we change with the season…well, at least summer and “not summer” seasons as Arizonan’s know it.

Will Revel Surf be open to the public?

Yes, Revel Surf will be open to the public via day passes for beach access. Beach access includes the beach and patios, grill with lagoon/poolside service, skate park, mobility/training area, revel rocks swimming hole, and various other activities including games, movie nights, live music, fashion shows, and more.

Do I need a Reservation to Surf?

Yes, you’re going to need a reservation for surfing. Surf sessions can be booked online to reserve your space. We can put you on a waitlist if you show up and want to surf.

Does Revel Surf sell Food and Drinks?

Yes, Revel Surf will have a full restaurant with delicious food and a wide range of beverages, both alcohol and non-alcoholic options, that will service the patio, chairs, and cabanas morning, day, and night.

Can I bring in my own Food and Drinks?

No, you may not bring in outside food, drinks, or coolers. Certain Cannon Beach restaurants as identified are excluded from this rule.

Do I have to pay for parking?

Revel Surf is within the Cannon Beach development. It is not expected to have to pay for parking at Cannon Beach at this time

Does Revel Surf provide towels?

No, plan to bring your own towel or you can purchase one from our surf shop.

Can I get a membership at Revel Surf?

We’re stoked to offer memberships to our Arizona locals. Revel Surf will be offering a limited number of memberships for individuals and families to enjoy Revel Surf and the Beach year-round. Opportunities are limited so pay close attention and sign up for our newsletters and announcements to hear them first.  Follow us on social media to keep informed. Memberships will be released soon and in advance of our opening day. See more FAQ questions below in the membership section.

What other activities are at Revel Surf?

Check out the Visit Us page for information on various activities at Revel Surf.

What Surfing is at Revel Surf?

The Lagoon by Swell Manufacturing

The Surf lagoon is a natural ocean-like surf experience in a lagoon. Surf Sessions are booked by the hour with various wave types based on sessions. Expect to surf 12 – 15 waves per hour. Surf sessions simulate the ocean as you’re in the water the whole time, in a typical surf lineup. Lineup, surf, paddle back out and repeat.  Expect to surf both lefts and rights in your typical surf session.


Rapid wave by UNIT Surf Pool

The UNIT Surf Pool is a continuous rapid or stationary wave designed by UNIT Parktech. The rapid wave is a perfect combination of ocean surfing and wake surfing, where you ride regular surfboards and fins in a deepwater wave. At 33’ feet in width, it’s perfect for time on your feet, riding and linking turns, and progressing your skills. It’s also a perfect way to learn how to surf as it requires no paddling or “popping up.”

How big are the waves?

We get this question a lot! It all depends on the waves and sessions. Waves vary from waist to head high and mellow to packing a punch. Read up on the various wave descriptions here.

What does a surf session cost at Revel Surf?

We are still working out the specifics for session costs. We will have various price points for surfing in the Swell MFG Lagoon and on the UNIT Surf Pool. Membership opportunities will open first with the opportunity to sign up for discounted sessions via a membership. We will also plan to offer multi-packs for purchase near to opening.

Will Revel Surf have concerts and events?

We’re planning to bring you all many different events throughout the year including surf contests, concerts, art & fashion shows, surf premieres, death dive comps at Revel Rocks and so much more.

Will Revel Surf have surfboard rentals?

Yes, we will have a great selection of performance surfboards to rent. You can also bring your own board as well.

Will Revel Surf have a surf shop and gear rentals?

Revel Surf will have a shop with all the goods you need for a day at the beach and in the water for surf sessions. Featuring a fleet of surfboards from top manufacturers and wetsuits for rental in the winter months. Take a pass on traveling with surfboards and paying airline baggage fees, and Rent our performance, well-cared-for gear.

What is the cost for young children at Revel Surf?

Children 5 and under can enter the beach for free. Children over 5 will need a beach pass or surf session purchased for entry.

Can I bring my own surfboard?

Yes. However, No Kayaks, Stand Up Paddle Boards, or Long boards that are greater than 9’ 0”.

Will Revel Surf have video or photography service?

Most surfers have never seen themselves surf and Revel Surf is changing that! We capture all your waves based on AI so you don’t have to do anything or wear anything! Revel Surf is teaming up with Flowstate for automated video services. Grab all your clips for a small fee and use the Flowstate App to grab, review, post, and share your clips.

Can I bodyboard?

Yes, you may bodyboard. However, Revel Surf does not have bodyboards for rentals, so you will need to bring your own.

Do you have to wear a surf leash?

Yes, for the safety of others, you will need to wear a surf leash.

How many people will be in a session?

Swell MFG Lagoon: The amount of surfers in each session will vary based on the session waves. Expect 8-12 people in a session on each side of the peak. Allowing everyone to catch around 12 waves in each session.


UNIT Surf Pool: Sessions are limited to 10-12 people on the Unit Wave to ensure surfers have significant time riding during an hour session.

What type of memberships will be available?

Surf memberships will be made available in limited quantity for lagoon surfing and beach access. We do not plan to have a specific Unit Wave membership at this time. Sessions can be booked by members at standard member discounts.

When will Revel Surf release surf memberships?

Memberships will be released very soon as we are finalizing the membership packages now. If you have not signed up for our newsletter yet, enter your email on the membership page of our website.

Are memberships limited?

Yes, memberships will be released in a limited capacity. We will announce through email and social media channels to ensure everyone who is interested has an opportunity.

How often do I get surf with a membership?

You will have various membership options to choose from to best suit your needs and surfing preferences. Due to limited availability and high demand, memberships do not offer unlimited surfing. A reservation fee will be required to hold your spot.

Do membership sessions expire if I don’t use them?

Membership sessions do expire. Sessions can be transferred between your family which is also part of your membership.

Can I sell my membership sessions if I don’t use them?

No, you cannot sell membership sessions. Sessions can be transferred between family members, but we do not want people selling their sessions.

What if I don’t use all my sessions in one month?

Please make sure your schedule permits the membership you buy. Sessions must be used each month due to scheduling and combining public sessions, so if they are not used they will expire.

What if I want to buy more sessions?

You are welcome to purchase more surf sessions than allotted in your membership at a discounted rate. You will receive your given membership discounts and benefits at the time of membership purchase.

What happens if I cannot surf due to an injury?

The last thing we want you to worry about is what to do with your membership if you are injured. Revel Surf will work with you to help you maintain your membership through a surf hold and future bookings so you can get back into the water as soon as you’re able.